Analytics and AI for crypto and trading

Combining the best of 2 worlds to find, evaluate and execute

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OUR STRATEGY Classification, quantitative and qualitative data analysis

Massive amounts of quantitative and qualitative Data for decision making in crypto

Individual decisions enabled with data from social media and professional data suppliers to respond before it’s too late

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Why and how our software comes in play? 

AI can be used to discover, evaluate, classify or relate datapoints, among others. While different datapoints are less relevant for some of you, it may be everything for others (Risks and Relations). The data influences stakeholders instantly or later, and some are acting in their timely manner (Timing), while others are unaware. 
In a growing industry, these Needs and Data points are changing fast, while the subject is already quite complex.

That’s were we can help. 

Changing Systems

A steadily changing blockchain ecosystem and world require ongoing analyses

Changing Risks

With new „influencers“ like Elon Musk entering the industry, new risks arise

Changing Needs and Data

More investment criteria‘s & sources, more assets and more time to trade (24/7), increase the need for data discovery and automation.

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Aggregate – Configure messages – Visualize & Execute

Our keys to success 

Aggregated data from various sources inspected continuously by experts

Ongoing Analyses


Aggregated Sources