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Enjoy the best the best information to make decisions


Comparing legislations and crypto friendly countries to incorporate crypto businesses


Comparing blockchains with 20+ key indicators and expert feedback


In-depth Launchpad analysis and data aggregation for decision making for early investment


Step-by-step approach to build, fund and sell a project to investors and members of DAOs, Open-Source projects or networks

Combining informative research and data engineering for accurate predictions and risk management

With overwhealming amounts of data, from On-chain data, inflow of funds to exchanges, the three main research fields mentioned below and Order flow as well as spreads and ever more exchanges or market pairs appearing, only simplyfied and fully automated process stands a chance to take advantage of highly fluctuating markets.

Fundamental analysis

One of our fundamental analyses attempts to evaluate a blockchains value based on business key drivers we found important.

Technical and relationship analysis

Predicting price movements according to past price action and volume leveraging statistics, behavioral economics are commonly known techniques enhanced by indexing solutions for relationship tracking. 

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis also known as opinion mining or emotion AI applies text or natural language processing to focus on the Identification, Quantification and Evaluation of market participants opinions by understanding psychological aspects.

Data engineering and analytics

Steps to enhanced trading and risk management strategies for high-networth individuals and businesses to finally put crypto on their balance sheets

Data Discovery

Reviewing applicable Sources, Subscrition Accounts and Asset Portfolio to define data lineage and Asset watchlists according to your fund requirements is among the first steps of the roadmap.

Knowledge and principles review

By creating a common understanding about the underlying indications and hypotheses the discovered data shall validate, the basics for an investment, risk management or trading system can be implemented.


To setup Trading Signals your prioritized & configurable Sentiment Analysis in diagrams & change indexes, Technical indicators like support and resistance lines; and also price action itself and many more decision criteria‘s for signaling can be summarized or visualized to feed automated processes

Application setup and configuration

Data Output can include filtered Diagrams; API (on-request); Numeric indications (positivity, impact; relevance, etc.) , a simple Slack service and shall be used in decision trees or optimized by machine learning to ease the creation of manual or automated trading setups incl. Entry- and Exit- Strategies.

Data analytics process

State-of-the-art approach for data validation, AI training mechanisms & data science is leveraging our trade system, automates understanding market conditions, 


Input and Training data

Data input is either labeled, validated with proven statistical analysis or needs to be monitored to assess positivity or negativity and look for gaps before it can be used automatically


Validation data

Validated output feeds unique indicators that can be combined in trading strategies, manual decisions, communicated via special alert services and evaluated.


Data backtesting

Collected and own indicators from our data aggregation and alternative is constantly data gathered and updated for backtesting. please let us know about your favorite sources and Infos about new data sources is also well appreciated

Apart from our analytics – we also work on Technical infrastructure. Where else if not from there should we generate these insights?

Visualize data 

Own data analyics platform developed to monitor, validate, find correlations, etc. 

Lightning fast Infrastructure

Several APIs and Websockets for superior order execution and event processing

Order management

Own order management built to directly connect to exchanges