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We love to compare Blockchain Devs & Projects with the current world and other players in the market

Customized trading systems and services for crypto projects need to be future fit with quality data for machine learning. For this purpose, we compare blockchains, data sources, dapps, indicators and trading strategies to provide unbiased content marketing. 

Concept and Whitepaper definition and review

Market analysis and content marketing in social media

Crypto VC and Investor Marketing

Pitch and social media appearance

Project Ops and communication (incl. Reporting processes…)

Competitor analyses for content marketing

For institutions and funds

Services for your Portfolio

Tokenization and Digital Assets Investment advice

Review your investment thesis with us 

Trading infrastructure and trading desk setup

Setup your internal infrastructure and processes with our experts, including trainings and 

Virtual Asset research and compliance services

Virtual asset compliance trainings and services (in cooperation with Bilic) 

Join us! and enjoy defining features you couldn’t find elsewehere.
We believe in customized trading systems and ideas for an edge in the market. 

Therefore we build easy to use, scalable and adaptive platforms