About us

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A dedicated and loyal team, with an agile mindset and unlimited creativity due to the endless amount opportunities can become your new data powerhouse in finance.

We find great pleasure in developing our own approach to create trading signals, indexes, investment funds, stock watchlists and perform sector and price action reviews. We are looking forward to your enquiries, are open for proprietary solutions, partnerships or offering whitelabeled solutions, APIs, on-premise applications, and more.

For Newcomers

– Contribute interesting stocks or assets to the portfolio we are analyzing
– Adapt your investment principles according to our unbiased advice (#no bullshit)
– Perform parts of your impact assessment yourself

For Experts

– Get an understanding about further indicators, potential sources, data, potential partnerships, etc.
– Understand natural language processing and opportunities to further classify
– Please check out our job posts if you are interested to come on-board yourself
– Enrole for Beta-testing